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Get an insight into our range of services via our following four company areas. For further questions, individual concepts and tailor-made offers please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or in person.

Kunststoff Entsorgung Logistik Behälter Systeme GFR Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH


As a certified waste management company with our own warehouse and hall space as well as an extensive warehouse fleet and machine technology, we store and treat plastics and their waste. Using our own boxes systems and containers, we collect the plastics directly at the producer and transport them professionally to our warehouse.


We offer individual disposal concepts, which take into account economically and environmentally relevant aspects. Resource-saving waste management meets the requirements of our time and leads to a sustainable society in the long run.

Beratung Consulting Kunststoff Entsorgung Granulat Mahlgut GFR Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH


Plastics, which are sent to our processing department, go through an extensive sorting process upfront. This prevents mixing and contamination and guarantees a consistently high quality of our products. Due to this quality, our regrinds are used directly by manufacturers and compounders and thus serve as a perfect replacement for new goods.

Verarbeitung Aufbereitung Kunststoff Mahlgut Granulat Regranulat GFR Gesellschaft für Recycling
Kunststoff Abfall Handel Vertrieb Lager Kommissionierung GFR Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH


We trade our materials worldwide, whereby we see the focus of our activities in the European area. At our company location in Henstedt-Ulzburg we have the appropriate professional equipment to load and deliver the secondary raw materials as bales, packed on pallets or in bulk, depending on the customer's requirements. For all of these services we are certified according to DIN EN ISO quality and environmental management.

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