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In a time of open markets and the increasing demand for plastics, we are facing the challenge of re-utilization globally. At the same time, we coordinate incoming and outgoing deliveries nationwide with great care. Only a professional logistics makes our global network of reliable contacts sustainable and thus efficient. Competitiveness is the foundation of every economic success.

sources of supply

With our team, we organize all transfers within Europe and export worldwide. Our sources of supply are the plastics processing industry as well as the specialist companies of the disposal sector throughout Europe, with whom we implement efficient and environmentally compatible disposal solutions in a long-standing and trusting cooperation.

transport of goods

The plastic materials were transported quickly and reliably to our own warehouse in Henstedt-Ulzburg, for further processing.

worldwide shipping

Based in Henstedt-Ulzburg, we provide an excellent export logistic in order to a quickly and safely transport of the plastic scrap to the respective end users all over the world.

quality control

After a comprehensive incoming goods inspection (including photodocumentation and, if necessary, a resetting pattern), the plastics are grouped together according to varieties. The goods exits are also extensively documented, that every entire movement of goods is fully comprehensible always.


We owe our competitiveness above all to our qualified personnel, the efficient workings of the team and especially our good and reliable contacts worldwide.